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Backup Battery Generator

The Most Reliable Emergency Power Supply for Your Home

What is a backup battery generator?

A backup battery generator is also called the solar generator. It is an alternative power source that uses the sun’s rays as electricity. Solar panels capture the sun’s energy, convert it into electricity, and store it in a backup battery power station for immediate or later use. The power harnessed from the sun and stored in the portable power station can supply your home with electricity during a power outage or emergency situation.

How do backup battery generators work?

Charge or Harness the Sun's Energy

Charge the backup battery power station from a solar panel, AC outlet, or carport.

Store Electricity for Up to One Year

When fully charged, store electricity in the HomePower ONE for up to one year of emergency backup power.

Power Your Home Appliances

Power your devices from the stored energy by connecting them to your power station.

A backup battery generator usually includes solar panels and a backup battery power station. The solar panels collect the sun’s rays andconvert it into energy, which is then stored in the backup battery power station. The backup battery power station supplieselectricity to other devices and appliances via the standard AC output (110V) and various DC outputs (USB-A, USB-C, car outlet) when power is needed.


Generark’s SolarPower ONE offers 50% higher solar power conversion efficiency, allowing you to harness and convert the sun’s rays in less time. Paired with our HomePower ONE portable power station, you have the ability to power a wide range of home appliances and devices.

What devices and appliances can a backup battery generator power?

Backup battery power stations can power your home office, lighting, home appliances, medical devices, security systems, and power tools. The HomePower ONE’s long-lasting capacity supports 1,002Wh (278,400mAh) and offers up to seven days of essential power supply on a single charge, depending on which devices you choose to power.


Our backup battery power station has eight ultra-high power outputs in a variety of DC and AC compatible outlets. You can charge communication devices, power kitchen appliances, and keep the lights and wi-fi on. For an extended list of devices that can be powered by the HomePower ONE,click here.

USB-C and USB-A compatible devices like cell phones, ethernet cables, and certain laptops can be charged directly from the backup battery generator for emergency use during a power outage or during other outdoor activities. The SolarPower ONE is completely compatible with the HomePower ONE, allowing you to charge your power station and power a wider variety ofhome devices and appliances like lighting and refrigerators.

Why should I choose Generark?

Generark offers the most reliable, versatile, and portable emergency power supply for your home that does not require gas or fuel.Reliability on your backup battery generator is paramount when facing a power outage. When you’re in an emergency situation, you can rely on Generark.Our HomePower ONE and SolarPower ONE can be bundled to use together, charging your devices and its own battery simultaneously for continuous, uninterrupted use.

Energy efficiency and safety tested and certified by the U.S. Department of Energy, California Energy Commission, Federal Communications Commission, and the United Nations 38.3 Transport Safety Standard.

Both our HomePower ONE and SolarPower ONE qualify for our unique and industry-leading 5-year warranty, while competitors’ warranties max out at 2 years.

Generark includes 6 built-in protection modules in the battery management system and 52 reliability and safety tests, performed on every unit before sale.

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